Leveraging WeChat Mini Program and Seizing eCommerce Opportunities in 2024

WeChat Mini Program is an application that can be used without downloading (or, an app within the app). After nearly two years of development, a new WeChat Mini Program development environment and developer ecosystem have been constructed. WeChat Mini Programs have also been an innovative achievement in the Chinese IT industry over the years that can truly impact traditional mobile apps and other platforms in China, more than 1.5 million developers have joined the development of WeChat Mini Programs, and are working together with Tencent to promote it.

As progressed, the number of the WeChat Mini Program exceeded one million, covering more than 200 subdivided industries, with daily active users reaching 200 million. WeChat Mini Program has also supported public transportation services like subway and bus in many cities.

With the continuous development of Internet technology, Chinese people’s consumption habits are also constantly changing, and more and more people are beginning to try and even addicted to online shopping. As an emerging eCommerce model, the Cross-Border eCommerce Mini Program has many unique advantages, such as convenience, efficiency, personalization, security, etc. These advantages make the Cross-Border eCommerce Mini Program gradually become a new choice for people to purchase overseas goods.

User Preferences on WeChat Mini Program

Before we get into the realm of Cross-Border eCommerce Mini Program, let’s glance at the whole ecosystem.

The younger demographic, especially those office workers, prefers using Mini Program associated with lifestyle services, business office tools, government services, public transportation, and eCommerce shopping. Conversely, elder individuals gravitate towards short-video entertainment, government services, and online shopping.


When analyzing the usage duration across various categories of Mini Program, mini-tools, online shopping, and daily services, they emerge as the front runners. These categories collectively account for 17%, 18%, and 21% of the overall usage time.

The social dynamics within WeChat amplify the attractiveness of Mini Programs. Going beyond the features of official accounts, Mini Programs in WeChat establish connections and service functionalities that span public accounts, group chats, individual dialogues, and the user’s circle of friends. This seamless integration enables users to access a wider range of services seamlessly.

Within the aspect of eCommerce, merchants can strategically boost offline store visits through marketing initiatives within the Mini Programs. In-store QR code usage efficiently directs consumer traffic online, expanding the reach of the user base. This symbiotic relationship fosters user engagement and propels business growth in the WeChat Mini Program ecosystem.

Advantages of Mini Program

The advantages of WeChat Mini Program are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. No New APP Needed for Users

Mini Programs are apps based on WeChat. Users can browse and use them on WeChat without additional download and installation. This greatly reduces the user threshold and saves time and mobile phone storage.

2. Convenient Process

The WeChat Mini Program experience is very smooth, there is no sense of delay in operation, and there is no need to jump to other pages, providing an extremely convenient usage experience.

3. Massive User Resources

Based on such a dominant social media platform, WeChat, making Mini Program can quickly reach and cover a great number of users, further taking advantage of promotion and marketing.

4. Accurate Consumer Acquisition

With the help of WeChat providing precise user images and data analysis, Mini Program can accurately acquire customers and improve the effectiveness and conversion rate of precision marketing.

5. Easy Payment

All Mini Programs are directly connected with WeChat Pay, and provide functions such as one-click pay and quick donation, simplifying users’ shopping paths and improving the efficiency of their purchasing decisions.

6.Real-Time Trackable Logistics Details

In the Mini Program, users can check and track the logistics information of goods at any time, providing a good shopping experience.

The Rise of Cross-Border eCommerce Mini Program

With the continuous growth of Internet technology, many Cross-Border eCommerce (CBEC) merchants, brands and retailers have begun to try the Mini Program sales channels, thus leading the rise of. WeChat Mini Program can provide consumers with a convenient and intuitive shopping experience, reduce the threshold for entering eCommerce platforms, and can be disseminated and shared directly through social media, increasing the exposure of goods.

With the help of the Chinese CBEC policy, the CBEC Mini Program supports global procurement, allowing consumers to directly purchase overseas goods. This not only broadens Chinese consumers’ choices, but also increases competition among goods, forcing merchants to guarantee product quality and optimize services, thereby increasing consumers’ shopping experiences.

In addition, Mini Programs also bring more opportunities to sellers. First, they can use it to display their goods and talking about brands, in order to expand brand influence, and build reputation; Second, merchants can rely on the Mini Program to obtain consumer data, push their products accurately, and improve conversion rates. Third, the powerful functional support of the Mini Program, such as one-click ordering & payment, logistics tracking, etc., can provide merchants with a convenient operating system.

CBEC Mini Program Trends

CBEC Mini Program is a very popular development mode in the realm of eCommerce in recent years. Chinese consumers use high-traffic platforms such as WeChat and Alipay to break the traditional online shopping process. They bring together products from all over the world, allowing consumers to easily complete overseas shopping on their mobile phones. This new eCommerce model is quickly becoming mainstream.

It can be expected that the CBEC Mini Program tends to be mainly reflected in the following aspects in the future. First, it will focus more on user experiences, providing personalized recommendations and one-stop services. With the development of data mining and AI technique, Mini Programs will customize personalized recommendations and services based on consumers’ shopping habits and preferences.

Secondly, the Mini Program can expand product categories, provide a global supply of goods, and meet the different needs of Chinese consumers. This will allow consumers to purchase any kinds of products from all over the world at home and enjoy the convenience.

Don’t forget, social eCommerce is also a development direction for CBEC Mini Programs. Combining eCommerce with social media is actually the biggest strength of WeChat, which can increase user stickiness, conversion rate, and user repurchase rate.

How's the Future of Cross-Border eCommerce Mini Program?

The future of the CBEC Mini Program is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Firstly, as consumption upgrades step by step, Chinese consumers’ demand for product quality and category is also ascending gradually, and they have a strong demand for overseas’ high-quality goods. Mini Programs doing CBEC can meet the personalized and diversified needs of consumers.

In addition, with the “invasion” of AI trends, the WeChat Mini Program will combine it in the future to improve the consumer shopping experience. The introduction of new technologies such as VR and AR will allow consumers to achieve in-depth interaction when browsing.

Furthermore, logistics and distribution will be further improved, and a one-stop shopping experience will be very common. Chinese consumers can complete a series of operations such as purchase, payment, and logistics tracking in one stop on the CBEC Mini Program.

Finally, transparent prices and product information are also the future development trends of CBEC. Through data analysis and big data mining, any kind of mature eCommerce Mini Program will and must provide personalized services so that consumers can enjoy more convenient, faster, and personalized services.

As an emerging eCommerce mode, WeChat CBEC Mini Program is reshaping the shopping experience and empowering brand growth. Brands, retailers, and even purchasing agents should seize this opportunity, maximize the utilization of private traffic that Mini Program creates, formulate appropriate implementation strategies based on their own characteristics and user needs, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of Mini Program eCommerce.

Cross-Border eCommerce WeChat Mini Program

Overseas Brands & Retailers Should Leverage WeChat Mini Program

For overseas brands or retailers, who are looking to enter or expand their presence in the Chinese market, WeChat Mini Programs offer a gateway to success. With over 1.2 billion monthly active users on WeChat, Mini Programs provide unparalleled exposure and access to a vast consumer base. Moreover, as Chinese consumers increasingly rely on mobile devices for everyday tasks, Mini Programs have become an indispensable part of their digital lives.

WeChat Mini Programs present a unique opportunity for overseas clients to expand their reach, acquire customers, and promote their products or services in China. By understanding the importance and advantages of Mini Programs, as well as implementing effective strategies for business expansion and customer acquisition, overseas clients can unlock the full potential of WeChat Mini Programs and achieve success in the Chinese market.

Need a Hand in WeChat Mini Program Services?

We MOREXGE can provide our self-built eCommerce Mini Program – lightweight, but indeed informative.

If overseas brands or retailers use our MOREXGE WeChat Mini Program, you can:

  1. Customize your product information, inventory, prices, and categories, track inventory in real-time, set different price strategies, improve operational efficiency, and optimize inventory;
  2. Generate paid orders automatically, the status is updated in real-time, and our system collects statistics without human intervention. We also support batch ordering and delivery, and you can manage orders during and after sales simply on your mobile phone;
  3. Learn each consumer’s visit and purchase behavior through our system, and you can understand consumers’ purchasing habits and traffic periods, and formulate targeted marketing strategies;
  4. Connect with Chinese domestic logistics with one click. You can get recorded shipping information and certificate, download the logistics receipts, and track the logistics information throughout the whole process, so that the whereabouts of goods can be traced;
  5. Check each transaction information in detail. We also support the settlement of multiple currencies, and you can withdraw cash by binding a bank card at any time safely & quickly;
  6. Intelligent analysis presents merchant reports, and the system performs real-time statistical analysis of operating data to make decisions more effective.

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