VCP(The Nose) - An international perfume brand wholesaling perfume through e-commerce in China.

VCP(The Nose) – International Wholesale Sales to China E-Commerce Smoothly

Background introduction

VCP(The Nose 馥集) is an international trading company in the Netherlands, specializing in the international wholesale sales of wine, perfume and other categories, and has cooperated with suppliers and customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. They hope to provide customers with quality products through competitive prices and good after-sales service.

However, since the VCP(The Nose 馥集) is not familiar with China e commerce, there are many difficulties in various aspects, such as China's customs bonded warehouse, domestic customs clearance and logistics arrangements, so it is hard to develop its own business in China.

Under this opportunity, MOREXGE has launched in-depth cooperation with (The Nose 馥集), planning a corresponding solution for them to open up the Chinese market.


1.VCP(The Nose 馥集) has limited understanding of all aspects of China e commerce, and it takes a lot of manpower, material resources and time to be familiar with cross-border business. This is a huge challenge for overseas merchants who want to do business in China.

2.VCP(The Nose 馥集) lacks the qualifications required by China's cross-border e-commerce policy, so they cannot be tax-free, 30% discount on consumption tax and value-added tax.

3.VCP(The Nose 馥集) needs to create its own WeChat Mini Program.


1.MOREXGE provide all-in-one supply chain solution, so we can perfectly meet VCP’s requirement of warehousing, worldwide shipment and fulfillment.

2.We have the qualifications required for cross border China e commerce.

3.Our team has professional technicians to bulid WeChat mini program.


Since VCP cooperate with us, they have laid a solid foundation in the China e commerce market for long-term and stable development.

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