Chinese eCommerce Consulting

China is one of the largest markets in the world, and also the most unpredictable market. There are still many challenges for overseas brands & retailers to enter and adapt to the China market. MOREXGE has been cultivating Cross-Border eCommerce imports for years, and has gained rich experience so that we can provide professional diagnoses according to your situation.

Chinese eCommerce Latest Research

It is challenging to stay up with the Cross-Border eCommerce in China's rapidly changing market. MOREXGE's most recent study on Chinese CBEC enables you to approach your China market entry plan with more excellent knowledge.

Unique All-in-1 Brand Marketing Plan

Based on the current status of your brand or goods, MOREXGE will make a detailed and practical one-to-one marketing plan for you based on our rich experience and the latest policies of Chinese eCommerce. We will provide your brand with the approximate modules in the coming years.

Advice on Channels for Better Sales

Choosing a suitable sales platform for your brand will be the very first step toward your success in the Chinese eCommerce market. SENQEE is familiar with different sales channels in China based on our data and experience. Our team is confident that we will offer you the best.

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