Brand Management

We have rich experience in helping overseas retailers operate their brands. Therefore, we can provide professional and targeted practical advice on brand marketing, distribution, promotion, etc., so as to build a loyal customer base, brand effect, and increase sales.

Our Intent

Build Awareness all over China
Drive Sales Growth
Promote Brand Image & Reputation

Brand Positioning

We locate the brand’s position in the Chinese market according to your brand type, properly localize the brand, make it easier to integrate into the Chinese market, and make it easier for Chinese consumers to accept the brand.

Big Data Marketing

We use third-party big data tools to provide one-to-one market analysis based on digitalization and according to the uniqueness of each brand and provide data strategies for brands on their way to entering the Chinese market.

Multi-Channel Brand Image Building

We have in-depth cooperation with Douyin(aka Chinese Tiktok) Cross-Border, Xiaohongshu (aka RED/Little Red Book), WeChat Mini-Program, Meituan, PDD and Bilibili. We can help your brand build flagship stores in multiple channels and increase sales through various promotional methods, such as live streaming, KOL marketing, etc.

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