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Beautinow – A+ European Cosmetics on China E-Commerce


Founded in 2017, Beautinow is a large-scale European comprehensive cosmetics and skin care e-commerce retailer in the Netherlands. This company provides more than 5,000 kinds of products online, covering perfume and fragrance, make-up and skin care, body care, nutrition and health care and other categories of products.

Because of its authenticity guarantee, competitive price, and early entry into the Chinese e-commerce market, this company has a particular reputation in China. But direct delivery without declaring from overseas to China is now illegal. Moreover, there are few logistics companies they cooperate with, so the slow speed of customs clearance and express delivery caused dissatisfaction among consumers.


1. As an overseas company that entered the China e-commerce market early, Beautinow spent a lot of time and energy studying customs policies and industry trends when entering the Chinese e-commerce market. However, policies and business formats will also change over time. If they want to ensure the best experience for consumers, they need to spend more resources to keep pace with the e-commerce industry.

2. The logistics providers that Beautinow cooperates with often operate slow delivery due to their own circumstances, which makes consumers dissatisfied. However, it is hard for overseas enterprises to find a good logistics company by themselves.

3. Direct delivery from overseas to China without declaring is now illegal.


1. MOREXGE not only has rich industry experience in cross-border e-commerce in China(click to know more about Chinese cross-border e-commerce), but also can keep pace with the ever-changing e-commerce industry, so we can provide Beautinow with the latest consultation and suggestions.

2. We provide one-stop logistics services, which perfectly solve the problem of slow logistics for Beautinow.

3. We can provide services with fast and formal customs clearance and logistics from overseas to China. In addition, Beautinow’s goods can be tax-free, with 30% off value-added tax and consumption tax.


Beautinow's customer complaints are much less than before, and its reputation in China is getting better and better.

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