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MOREXGE is a retail solution provider with extensive resources and solid experience. We are committed to helping international brands to enter the Chinese Market smoothly.
Expand Your Sales Market to China
MOREXGE offers seamless service experiences to help overseas brands & retailers enter the Chinese Market and increase their sales via Cross-Border eCommerce mode.
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MOREXGE is always updating the latest news and perceptions on Chinese Cross-Border eCommerce. Follow us to get a comprehensive understanding of this thriving market.

Our Advantages

Take Your Business to the Next Level

One-Stop Import Service

MOREXGE provides one-stop Chinese eCommerce solutions, starting from the very beginning till the end. We also provide customized services for different client images.

Chinese Expert Marketing Team

With over 10 years of experience providing Chinese eCommerce services, all our staff will offer you the best experience with a diligent working attitude.

Multi Sales Channels

We have in-depth cooperation with Douyin (aka ChineseTiktok Cross-Border, Xiaohongshu, WeChat Mini-Program, Meituan, PDD, etc. We can help your brand set up flagship stores in multiple channels and increase sales.

Payment & Settlement

Our payment & settlement service is formal and legal, accepts various currencies, and fast settlement of foreign exchange, safely and easily transferred to your local currencies.

Global Logistics

We support multiple global shipping services for overseas brands and retailers. Both dropshipping and bulk shipping are available. We can promise to be safer, cheaper and faster than the industry average.


We have cooperated with more than 90% of bonded warehouses in China. There is no doubt that we have the ability to ensure the movement of goods and provide the best experience for consumers.

Our Latest Campaigns

Chinese Marketing Insights

Douyin (Chinese TikTok) is a Better eCommerce Platform for Overseas Brands

More options for overseas brands trying to enter the Chinese E-commerce Market are showing up. Douyin is a recently rising better choice.

Chinese CBEC

Unique Insights into the Chinese CBEC 2024

Want to know more about Chinese eCommerce trends in 2024? Come check out our latest article!

WeChat Ecosystem

Recognize the Power of WeChat Ecosystem

How this powerful platform has connected individual users and even reshaped the landscape of digital marketing & entrepreneurship?

Cross-Border Trade Process

Cross-Border Trade Model

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